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Why Voice Training Matters for Folks on Testosterone

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Why Voice Training Matters for Folks on Testosterone

Are you undergoing hormone therapy as part of your transition journey? If so, you may wonder why you might consider voice training when testosterone typically leads to changes in vocal pitch and quality. In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of voice training for individuals on testosterone and how it can help you to fully align with your new voice.

Understanding the effects of testosterone

Testosterone therapy often leads to physical changes in the body, including thickening of the vocal folds which leads to a deepening of the voice. While this is a significant aspect of gender affirmation for many individuals, it's essential to recognise that testosterone alone may not address all aspects of voice and communication.

Voice Training Enhances Communication Skills

Voice training goes beyond just changing pitch; it focuses on developing healthy vocal habits, improving resonance, and enhancing overall communication skills. Even with the effects of testosterone, you may still experience challenges such as vocal strain, limited vocal range, or difficulty in controlling pitch and intonation. 

Tailored Support for Your Unique Journey

Every person’s transition journey is unique, and so are their vocal needs. Voice training offers personalised support that aligns with your specific goals and aspirations. Whether you're seeking a voice that aligns more closely with your gender identity or aiming to improve vocal clarity and expression, voice training can provide valuable tools and techniques to help you achieve your vocal goals.

Dysphoria related to voice is a common experience for many transgender and non-binary folks. Despite physical changes from testosterone therapy, some may still feel discomfort or distress over aspects of their voice that do not align with their gender identity. Voice training offers a pathway to alleviate gender dysphoria by empowering you to develop a voice that feels authentic and affirming.

Testosterone therapy can lead to significant changes in vocal pitch and you may be 100% happy with your voice changes. However, voice training remains an invaluable resource for folks on their transition journey by helping you to refine your vocal abilities, affirm your identity and to feel happy and comfortable with your voice.

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