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Kate Walker

(she / they)

I'm Kate - a Speech Pathologist, Naturopath, Sound Therapist and Advocate. 

I'm a traveller, explorer, theatre lover and singer. My music theatre background led me down the path of Speech Pathology and I have now been working in the field for 15 years. I've had a diverse career and my love of voice and passion for LGBTQIA+ advocacy made working in the gender-affirming space a natural progression. In 2020, alongside Northside Health NT,  I set up the first Gender Voice Clinic in Darwin after seeing a big gap in services.  I then advocated for this service to move into the public health system with success.  I have also worked with the Gender Voice Centre providing online services to transgender and non-binary folk. 

As a qualified Naturopath I bring a holistic approach to all that I do. I believe that a healthy body requires a healthy community to live in - and I see my role as tending to both the individual and the collective.

My vision for affirm & thrive is to provide the space for LGBTQIA+ folk to thrive in body, mind and spirit. 

It is my mission to ensure every LGBTQIA+ individual sees that their uniqueness is their biggest strength and to support each individual to live in alignment with themselves.

A black and white image of Kate Walker founder of Affirm and Thrive wearinga white shirt and jeans.